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Laziness Is The Root Of All Evil


I get a lot of questions on social media about various techniques, hacks, shortcuts to high testosterone.

This pill, that pill, icing your balls, sunning your balls, TRT.

None of it involves real work.

I’m telling you, the root of all low testosterone problems for most men in the modern era, stem from laziness and the unwillingness to put in any real effort.

Here’s what I see on Twitter in particular:

  • Most men are too lazy to cook
  • Most men are too lazy to train legs to failure twice per week
  • Most men are too lazy to stick to ANY type of hard training
  • Most men are too lazy to get their blood work done
  • Most men are too lazy to fight
  • Most men are too lazy to do any meal prep

The reality, like I stated in this blog post, is that men in the past were working down the coal mines whereas modern men are too lazy to even leave their own house. The sugar, video games, and unlimited dopamine are just too tempting it seems.

1000 testosterone used to be normal.

Men didn’t need TRT fifty years ago.

Yes the tap water is a factor. But it’s not as big of a factor as LIFESTYLE. Men live estrogenic lifestyles now. More body fat, less sunlight, more sitting down, less hard physical work, more stress.

The tap water and exposure to plastics pale in comparison.

Sugar, junk food, and the unwillingness for men to cook their own meals is a far bigger and more problematic explanation for the tanking of testosterone levels.

Why Cooking Is So Critical

Whenever you eat out, you submit a certain amount of control over your diet to somebody else.

You don’t know what oils they’re using to cook your food.

You don’t know if there’s added sugar in the sauces.

You don’t control how much onion, garlic, or herbs are in there.

Whereas when you cook/prepare your own meals you are completely in charge. You control whether or not the salmon is wild, the beef is grass fed, or the eggs are organic.

Even if you’re on a budget, you have complete control over the quantity of chicken thighs or ground beef you consume, and how much garlic you put in there.

The Most Important Testosterone Fundamental

Leg training is incredibly important, so too is sleep. Tongkat Ali is powerful too.

But the most important testosterone fundamental by an absolute mile, is diet. So it makes no sense to be lazy when it comes to cooking, if you’re an aspiring High T individual.

Your diet is responsible for the fats, cholesterol and the very fundamental resources that your testes need in order to produce testosterone.

Your diet is also responsible for some of the most powerful “blockers” of testosterone like sugar, insulin and estrogen – it’s ALL self-inflicted via diet.

Cooking is a life changing habit that you need to get into.

And in the brand new Cooking On A Budget guide, I’m showing you exactly how to do it WITHOUT spending a fortune.

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