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Announcement: Cortisol Control eBook

Cortisol, Testosterone

Cortisol Control

I am very excited to announce a brand new eBook that you guys are going to find extremely useful on your journey to 800-1200 testosterone.

99% of you guys expressed positive interest in this book on Twitter, and so I’ve been working hard to make this a reality for you.

How This eBook Will Help You

You’re too stressed.

Your cortisol levels are chronically through the roof, and it’s putting a permanent ceiling on your testosterone levels.

You NEED to break through this ceiling if you want to live a life of strength, health, achievement, and freedom.

Cortisol is what’s stopping you.

It’s ruining your sleep, it’s ramping up your inflammation, and making it very hard to keep insulin levels stable.

I’m going to help you change this via all natural methods – dietary hacks, drinks, supplements, learning how specifically to control blood sugar, maximising sleep quality, psychological hacks, and much more.

There’s no TRT involved, because it’s not necessary.

Cortisol is one of many examples of where most guys on TRT haven’t even fixed the foundations of what was keeping them low T in the first place.

Fix the foundations, and you realise that TRT is a waste of time & money.

What Exactly This eBook Covers

  • An introduction to the science of cortisol, and just how damaging it is to all of your organs (when it’s chronic), but in particular the cascade of hormones that all suppress testosterone production
  • Dietary secrets that keep cortisol low
  • Supplements that have been proven to do the same
  • How to optimise sleep (with major psychological strategies that you haven’t yet considered)
  • The best training protocols for getting cortisol as low as possible & keeping it there (cardio is key)

On top of this eBook, there’s a temporary offer that I advise you to take advantage of, that perfectly integrates a lot of the concepts covered inside the eBook.

Until Sunday 14th August, you’ll be able to get the Unfuck Your Diet meal plan ($57) included with this eBook for free.

That’s right, for FREE.

This covers virtually all of the dietary and supplementary advice talked about in the eBook, but applies it specifically to your situation – your bodyweight, goals, activity level etc. – once you plug the numbers in.

On top of this, the price will be artificially lowered during the pre-order dates, and on the release date the price will go up, never to return again.


Until Sunday 14th August, you can get the Cortisol Control eBook + the Unfuck Your Diet meal plan for a mere $27.

After this date (the official release date), the price will be shooting up to $37 for the eBook-only.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am.

Talk soon,


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