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Because when you’re low T, all kinds of nasty things happen, ranging from Gyno (man boobs) to low self-esteem, to lethargy, all the way to depression and even suicide in extreme cases.

Muscle gain & fat loss are also next to impossible.

Read more about common low T problems in the post 4 Bad Things That Happen Without A High T Diet.

Whereas science has shown time and time again that 800-1200 testosterone is the level of a healthy 18-25 year old (when your T levels are naturally at their peak).

When you combine this level of energy, drive, and ease of improving body composition with the mature mind of a 40+ year old, it’s a MASSIVE life advantage over other men.

It stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, where you (usually) inject testosterone into your glutes, quads, or deltoids. This artificially brings your levels up to maximum natural levels.

If you’re under the age of 60, you don’t need it. This is a lifetime commitment, and there’s a lot of men out there who are now desperately trying to get off the stuff because it wasn’t the magical instant-fix cure that they were sold on it being. This stuff puts serious strain on your heart, estradiol and prostate long-term in ways that being naturally high testosterone will not.

You can get high levels of testosterone naturally by optimising your:

  1. Diet & Supplement Stack
  2. Sleep & Cortisol Reduction
  3. Environment
  4. Sun exposure

And that’s all you need.

Once you’re over age 60, you will very likely need to look into TRT if you want to optimise your testosterone levels.

When it comes to diet, I am talking from vast experience. Both on myself and with coaching other men.

My diet used to be terrible when I looked like this:

And my T levels were in the gutter. The tripling of my testosterone levels came from diet, alcohol, and lifestyle changes. Supplements/herbs also played a part too.

There’s a lot to this, and each individual requires a certain amount of customisation and on-going tweaking to truly nail this. It’s not a simple matter of plugging in numbers and formulas like a robot.

However if I were to give a very general answer, there’s a few key areas you need to get right:

  • Minimal sugar/insulin spiking
  • High quality meat in general, organ meats, and eggs
  • Cruciferous vegetables (these are anti-estrogenic)
  • Seafood & other essential fats
  • A consistent calorie deficit (for MOST men, until they are sub 15% body fat)

There’s some really powerful meal plans available for Testosterone, Sexual Performance, Stress Control and other High T related goals right here.

Obviously I’m a professional in this area, so if you do need help with one-to-one diet consultations, check out the link here.

Yes it’s the very first step you need to take if you’re going to do this properly.

You can’t build the Ultimate Testosterone Battle Plan without knowing your starting point, and your current strengths/weaknesses. You have no idea what supplement stack to take, which foods to eat more/less of etc. You need to know the map first.

Knowledge = power.

In terms of how, this is always done via a blood test.

You want to test Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, LH, DHEA, Prolactin, DHT, and Vitamin D3 as some barebones basics.

I always recommend Private MD Labs as they’re efficient, simple, and very knowledgeable guys too. You can do the tests in the privacy of your own home too, which is nice. If you’re in the UK, check out OptiMale.

It’s a good thing to do, especially if you’ve had a problem with porn in the past.

But it’s not complete.

Yes, you want to quit porn and be a normal human being, but it’s not enough to catapult you into the 800-1200 testosterone range.

In order to do that, you’ll need to optimise your diet & sleep (and also lift weights etc.), which is my speciality, and I can help you do that.

Diet is #1, and it’s the area that most men screw up.

Guys screw up their diet and it’s extremely damaging to their testosterone levels. They have too much body fat, eat too much sugar, and don’t eat high T meals very often.

It’s AMAZING to me how many guys THINK they have a “good diet” but when you actually see what they’re eating every day, it’s a million miles off where it needs to be.

THIS is the one area that will completely transform your hormonal health.

And if you don’t start fixing it now, it’s only going to:

A) Get worse as you get older (testosterone declines at ~1.3% per year past age 30)

B) Get harder to undo the damage as you get older

Now is the time to act.