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Ask Your Questions

Here’s some detail on how this works.

Alex has several clients, the 90 Day Testosterone Transformation Course, and on top of this has ~40-60 questions per day across all socials, which equates to thousands of questions per month, so it’s too much.

If you want a detailed video answer, read on…

Submit A Question Or Topic For The Next YouTube Q&A

–¬†Once you submit your question or topic, Alex will record an in-depth “Deep Dive” video addressing your question/topic in detail.

-This video will appear on the YouTube channel linked here.

-Your name will be kept anonymous.

-Alex will address 1-2 questions per week.

-Questions are answered in the order received so if we get a lot of questions you’ll have to wait until we get to yours. It might be a few weeks. If you want to “skip the line” and have Alex answer it in the very next video, you can pay extra (see pricing below). “Skip The Line” questions will be answered in the very next article UNLESS you submit it less than 48 hours before the next article is published; in that case it will be in¬†next week’s¬†video.

-If you need more detailed one-on-one coaching, you can hire Alex for the Lifetime Consulting Package here, but he’s expensive and he only works with a small number of clients at a time.

Directions For Submitting A Question or Topic:

1. Click the “add to cart” button below. ¬†

2. Make the payment with any credit card, debit card, Stripe or Paypal account.

3. Once your payment goes through, email your question/topic to thetestosteroneconsultant@gmail.com and tell us the following:

   A. The name and email address you used to make your payment.

¬† ¬†B. Your question or topic. LIMIT YOUR QUESTION TO A MAXIMUM OF 3 SIMPLE, SHORT PARAGRAPHS. If your¬†question is longer than we will edit down your question to just 3 paragraphs like we asked, so don’t waste your time by writing too much.

4. You’ll get an email confirmation that we received your question and added it to Alex’s queue. We will not email you any more information. Watch the YouTube account for your video answer.