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Consulting 1-To-1 Meetups

Get To 800-1200 Total Testosterone Rapidly No Matter What It Takes (Without Risking Heart Attacks From TRT Injections)

If there was a way to “lock-in” High Testosterone levels for life, this would be it.

This tier of consulting is extremely personalised, expensive (due to the nature of it), and is only for very serious men who are already financially successful and want to level up their lives to truly ‘Elite Levels’ with hormonal optimisation.

What Is It?

It’s everything listed in the Lifetime Consulting Package (listed further below), with some major additions:

  • I fly out to whichever country you are in (minus a few exceptions) and we go through your key Testosterone Action Plan together (which is determined via WhatsApp calls before I fly out), including:
  • One-to-one personalised training at your local gym (or home gym if you have the equipment), and this is training for Testosterone optimisation, not bodybuilding or powerlifting. This one is huge as you’ve got to understand how it feels to train like a High T male. It’s a difficult concept to convey with mere words on a screen.
  • A full day of eating on your Testosterone plan, including cooking meals in person, food shopping for ingredients in person, and any necessary meal prep. This can be done at the Airbnb I stay at, if you’d feel more comfortable doing that (which would be completely understandable).
  • Writing in-depth specific action plans together for your most important goals, whether this is DHT maximisation, libido enhancement (there’s a lot of stuff I can’t talk about on the internet), energy/focus optimisation for hitting the big money.

On top of this, you get all the normal Lifetime Consulting bonuses too:

  • A testosterone boosting meal plan
  • A REM sleep optimisation plan
  • A full testosterone optimised training program
  • Unlimited accountability with 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp
  • Scheduled tips & hacks from me every three days that are relevant to you & your goals
  • Complete bloodwork analysis (both written, and recorded)
  • Extensive Video Recordings of me walking you through every step of the plan, which can be watched and re-watched whenever you like, for the rest of your life (this is essentially your own personalised video course)
  • ALL Testosterone Products are instantly FREE, including the Testosterone Accelerator Course, ALL eBooks, and ALL meal plans (worth >$2,500)
  • ALL Testosterone Academy Products are instantly FREE (the course is worth >$100)
  • Instant access to the Testosterone Elite Telegram Group (stay in touch with other guys in the exact same boat as you – small private group)
  • A Lifetime Planning Call at the end, to ensure that you KEEP your new testosterone levels of 800+ for the rest of your life

Here’s a list of all the FREE products you get immediately:

  • The 8 Week Testosterone Accelerator Course
  • The 90 Day Testosterone Transformation Course
  • ALL Testosterone Meal Plans (all four categories)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Bloodflow Maxxing
  • Gain Muscle Fast
  • Testosterone Tripling Training
  • Testosterone Cheat Codes
  • The Testosterone Take-Off Manual
  • The Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs
  • The High T Cooking Manual
  • Cortisol Control
  • Reverse Hair Loss Fast
  • Testosterone Bloodwork Analysis

Due to the nature of this Consulting (flights and Airbnb’s) combined with the life-changing value for someone who is already highly successful but their energy and mindset is starting to decay a little due to their hormones, this is an exceptionally Premium Testosterone Service and will only be suitable for a very small % of my audience.

If you’re interested in one-to-one meetups, email thetestosteroneconsultant@gmail.com for more detail and we can set up a call if we’re a good fit.

To give you a ballpark figure, the absolute bare minimum for such an Elite Service is going to be $5,000. It may be more depending on where you are, what time of year it is, and how expensive the flights and/or accommodation would be.

This is THE way to lock-in a guarantee of success however, so for a man who’s already making very good money, it’s going to amplify your success (without compromising your health like TRT) and is absolutely worth it.