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Cortisol Control

Cortisol Control

Are you concerned about your stress levels?

Do you feel like it’s constantly suppressing your testosterone and keeping you well below where it needs to be?

Well I have news for you – you’re not alone. The vast majority of men (of all ages) suffer from this problem too.

This eBook is going to show you how to get your chronic, excess cortisol down to near-zero, so that the path to 800-1200 testosterone is cleared. Because until you do this, the path is 100% BLOCKED.

I’m not talking about temporary cortisol release from an intense training session. I’m talking about the chronically high levels that will:

  • Stop you from sleeping and optimising your REM sleep
  • Lead to muscle loss
  • Ramp up your insulin levels
  • Ramp up your inflammation
  • Increase your body’s ability to store body fat

And because of all of the above, it keeps your testosterone suppressed.

Whether you’re 25 or 55, cortisol works the same way.

Whether this chronic cortisol release comes from adrenal fatigue, too much caffeine, work stress, a high sugar diet, or insomnia doesn’t matter.

It’s destroying your ability to be a High T Male.

The biggest objection to cortisol (often from big Twitter names who should know better) is always:

“But cortisol is good, it wakes you up and has anti-inflammatory effects”

You’re talking about the 15 minute cortisol release early in the morning and/or after a hard training session! This is NOT THE SAME as the chronic cortisol that’s frying the modern man’s organs and his ability to secrete testosterone!

Short cortisol secretions are GOOD.

Long-term elevated cortisol is very, VERY BAD.

Adrenal stress, poor quality sleep & weight gain will absolutely kill you. Best case scenario is that you end up overweight and low T. Either way it’s bad.

What You Get Inside

  • An introduction to the science of cortisol, and just how damaging it is to all of your organs (when it’s chronic), but in particular the cascade of hormones that all suppress testosterone production

  • Dietary secrets that keep cortisol low

  • The ONE BIG dietary mistake that keeps cortisol ramped up all day long

  • A variety of cortisol-reducing lifestyle hacks that are non-fitness related

  • Supplements that have been proven to de-stress the body and push cortisol way down

  • How to optimise sleep (with major psychological strategies that you haven’t yet considered, and have a 100% success rate with my current clients…this is BIG folks)

  • The best training protocols for getting cortisol as low as possible & keeping it there (cardio is key)

  • Getting your circadian rhythm right, and how this completely changes your hormonal landscape

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