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Do you want to make the BIG money? Multi-six figures?

Do you have a monetizable skill (or knowledge) but can’t seem to stay focused or work long hours?

If you answered yes to both questions, you’re going to love this eBook.

Testosterone is an amplifier when it comes to money. If you have the foundational skills, Testosterone (and energy/focus levels) will be the difference between working 6 hour days (actual work) and working 12 hour days.

It’s the difference between getting distracted by porn multiple times per day, and being distracted by NOTHING until the job is done.

Which ultimately could be the difference between living an average life as a “smart, average income porn addict” making $5-6k/month, and a “high income, high testosterone” baller living the life of his dreams making $20k+/month.

Energy matters a lot, and inside this eBook we’re showing you how to have the energy to consistently work a focused 10 hours, day in, day out.

What’s Inside?

  • The ideal Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estradiol, and Thyroid numbers you want to be shooting for when chasing this energy/focus dream
  • All the supplements that you will need based on your numbers above
  • The ideal focus-maxxing diet
  • A lengthy section on Nootropics for focus & creativity
  • Sleep optimisation for financial success
  • Optimising your environment to destroy distractions

If you have an underlying skill that there is a genuine demand for, this eBook will help you to amplify the income you make from it.

The problem with the typical man in the modern world isn’t that he isn’t intelligent.

It isn’t that he doesn’t have any monetizable skills.

It’s that he’s constantly distracted and low energy.

He wants to work hard but just doesn’t FEEL it.

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