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8 Week Testosterone Accelerator Program

Testosterone Accelerator

Get To 800+ Testosterone Naturally Within 8 Weeks: A program that includes minimal cooking, short (intense) training sessions, and iron-clad estrogen & cortisol control.

The Testosterone Accelerator has one big goal as the focus:

To get you to 800+ testosterone as quickly as possible, without taking up too much of your time in the kitchen or in the gym, and without having to resort to TRT.

This program will provide you with the most anabolic diet, training, sleep & supplement stacks to make drastic changes to your hormones.

But the “catch” is that you will need to have some balls and some discipline in order to take full advantage of this 8 week period.

Who this program is NOT for:

❌ Men who think that 300 testosterone is “normal” or “healthy”

❌ Men who lack balls/discipline

❌ Men who think that being >15% body fat is healthy (hint: it’s not…insulin resistance and elevated triglycerides are far more common once you cross this threshold)

❌ Men who want the “easy way out” through TRT injections that will ultimately cause them long-term problems (excess aromatisation into estrogen), LDL cholesterol build up (and plaque build up), poorer sleep etc.

Who this program IS for:

✅You know that being less than 800 testosterone is a problem, and being less than 500 is a MAJOR, life-changing problem that needs fixing ASAP

✅You’re serious about optimising your male hormones

✅You’re serious about self-improvement, and you’re fully aware of the impact that testosterone will have on your work, finances, sexual market value (dating/relationships), and overall life trajectory

This program works if you’re serious about your goals.

What’s Inside

  • A video course walking you through everything below – I hold your hand and leave no stone unturned
  • 3 different meal plan options – Ancestral Fat Loss, Ancestral Muscle Gain, Aggressive IF Fat Loss (I’ll walk you through which one you need to pick in order to maximise testosterone, inside the course)
  • Each meal plan has the complete calories & macros breakdown to suit your specific goals
  • The Ultimate Fat Loss Training Routine (needs to match your meal plan)
  • The Ultimate Muscle Gain Training Routine (needs to match your meal plan)
  • All the Lifestyle Cheat Codes you need
  • All the main Testosterone Supplement Stacks that will benefit you
  • The private Testosterone Accelerator Telegram Channel that includes daily accountability with myself and guys in the same position as you, with the same goal as you

Bonus 1

For a brief period of time, you’ll be able to access the Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs. This is the guide that shows you exactly what testosterone supplement stack you need to complement your diet and your own personal needs.

Extremely powerful when you do this properly, and it has the potential to amplify your testosterone results.

Bonus 2

The next one is stacked on top of the Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs, and this is Cortisol Control.

The biggest skill going forward in the western world is going to be stress management. Most men live very busy, very stressed lives, and it’s destroying their testosterone. I’m NOT talking acute stress, I’m talking chronic stress.

Chronic cortisol levels (main stress hormone) need to come down, and this eBook shows you how.

For a brief period of time, this is included.

Cortisol Control

The Course Value

The total value of the course (RRP: $147) plus the eBooks (RRP: $54) is $201.

You can now get the whole 8 Week Accelerator Program PLUS bonuses for $127 – check it out below: