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Testosterone Cheat Codes

Are you ready to unlock your maximum testosterone potential with an aggressive kickstart?

Good, because these Elite Cheat Codes will do just that for you.

These Cheat Codes are designed specifically for the modern man who doesn’t have time to be in the gym/sun/kitchen all day long, and needs time efficient habits that will get him to 800-1200 testosterone in less than ONE HOUR per day.

Why You Need These Cheat Codes

What’s great about them is that most of them are free (or close to it), and they aren’t that difficult to do.

They’re just a little unusual in some cases.

But in the modern world of feminising men, unlimited estrogens in the tap water, and 50 hour stressful workweeks, these hacks become necessary if you want to reach truly elite levels of testosterone and destroy your competition.

Also there’s an element of ‘kickstarting’ your testosterone that’s required when you’ve stalled out for a while, and the more typical methods aren’t drastic enough.

So in this eBook you’re going to get some pretty powerful strategies that quite literally FORCE your testes into action via a variety of different pathways.

Who Exactly Am I?

I’m Alex Clewlow and I’ve been consulting in this area for several years now, helping dozens of men to double their testosterone levels within months. Mine is currently at 950, and I got here using several of the strategies inside this eBook.

If you do everything right it’s very difficult to fail in this area.

What Exactly Is In This eBook?

  • There’s a total of 8 sections, each section is comprised of a Testosterone Cheat Code, and I break down exactly how to take advantage of each one, and how frequently to perform it.
  • Section 8 is the where I put together some examples of ideal morning routines based on the Cheat Codes and combining them.
  • Life-changing lifestyle hacks that are guaranteed to work every time.
  • Quite a few controversial testosterone boosters (not medical advice, may also come with a small element of risk).
  • Various sexual techniques that have benefits from quite literally growing the length & girth of your penis (not joking), improving erection quality, controlling ejaculation, and improving energy levels throughout the day – these do require discipline though, as they go FAR beyond NoFap.

There’s some really powerful stuff in here for the man that wants drastic testosterone improvements within weeks.

You haven’t heard me talk about these in depth on Twitter or IG.

Because the general public won’t get it and may well attack me for it.

But if you’re really into self-improvement, you’re going to love this eBook.

Pre-Order For $27

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This eBook will NEVER be this price again.

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