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Lifetime Testosterone Consulting (CLOSED!)

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Get To 800-1200 Total Testosterone In 6 Months Without TRT, DHT Gels, Clomid Or Any Other Drugs That Will Destroy Your Health Long-Term

You know that your diet sucks.

You also know that you’re not sleeping properly.

Perhaps these two conditions have been this way for YEARS, and it’s stopping you from getting to 800+ testosterone.

You know you need to get this done (so you can improve your body composition more easily, have more energy, conquer etc.), but you do not want to go on TRT.

I can help you with this.

Not only will I remove all the guesswork for you, but I will get you to the higher levels of testosterone within a few months if you follow through on the plan.

You could try it alone.

But even if you did eventually make it to 850 or 900 testosterone, it would take you YEARS.

I can get you there far faster.

The Guarantee

In fact, the guarantee is the best one I’ve seen on Twitter:

You will get to 800 or more total testosterone within 6 months if you follow my plans every day, AND you document your diet, sleep & supplement protocol with me every single day (on WhatsApp, Telegram or by email). Even if you do fall off at some point, I will send you DAILY reminders to keep you on track.

All you need to do is follow the plan given to you – the only remotely hard bit is the leg training.

This plan worked for both Tim and Hakeem (below):

This was within 8 weeks, and I’m almost certain Tim’s testosterone continued to rise along with his business success in the 4 weeks after, unfortunately no additional bloodwork was done. My guess is that it’s now well over 800.

Hakeem below made an insane transformation too by training like an animal, getting his insulin levels under control and optimising his supplement/cortisol stack:

(You should also know that this is NOT “group coaching” where you don’t fully benefit from the service as an individual, can’t make the “group calls” half the time, and don’t get any personal messaging or focus. I’m working with you and only you).

Lifetime Natural Testosterone Plan

This is going to be the best option for you if you are extremely serious about getting this part of your life sorted, and want this to be the last thing you ever need.

The Lifetime Consulting plan includes:

  • A testosterone boosting meal plan
  • A REM sleep optimisation plan
  • A full testosterone optimised training program
  • Unlimited accountability with 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp
  • Scheduled tips & hacks from me every three days that are relevant to you & your goals
  • Complete bloodwork analysis (both written, and recorded)
  • Extensive Video Recordings of me walking you through every step of the plan, which can be watched and re-watched whenever you like, for the rest of your life (this is essentially your own personalised video course)
  • ALL Testosterone Products are instantly FREE, including the Testosterone Accelerator Course, ALL eBooks, and ALL meal plans (worth >$2,500)
  • ALL Testosterone Academy Products are instantly FREE (the course is worth >$100)
  • Instant access to the Testosterone Elite Telegram Group (stay in touch with other guys in the exact same boat as you – small private group)
  • A Lifetime Planning Call at the end, to ensure that you KEEP your new testosterone levels of 800+ for the rest of your life

Here’s a list of all the FREE products you get immediately:

  • The 8 Week Testosterone Accelerator Course
  • The 90 Day Testosterone Transformation Course
  • ALL Testosterone Meal Plans (all four categories)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Bloodflow Maxxing
  • Gain Muscle Fast
  • Testosterone Tripling Training
  • Testosterone Cheat Codes
  • The Testosterone Take-Off Manual
  • The Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs
  • The High T Cooking Manual
  • Cortisol Control
  • Reverse Hair Loss Fast
  • Testosterone Bloodwork Analysis

Yes it’s expensive, but think how much money it will make you over the next 10, 15, 20+ years when your productivity goes way up. Especially if you work from home or are self-employed etc. We could be talking $200k, $500k, or even in the seven figure range if you’re already somewhat successful.

I’m not joking: for those of you making $200k+ already, we’re talking MILLIONS OF DOLLARS here.