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Testosterone Meal Plans

Get To 800+ Testosterone Without TRT: Become Sexually Superior, Physically Powerful & Minimally Stressed

Whether you want 800+ Testosterone.

Or far superior sexual performance.

Or an extra 10lbs of muscle mass.

Or near-zero chronic cortisol.

Or you’re an Indian Male who realises the typical Indian diet will not lead him to high testosterone.

I promise you that your diet is the vehicle to get you there. Luckily for you I’ve released a 7 day meal plan for every single one of these goals below. There are six meal plans in total.

Winging your diet doesn’t work – you need a plan.

By committing to a hardcore meal plan, you’re going to:

  • Take full control over your testosterone levels, instead of letting society/friends/family control them
  • Guarantee that you’re getting ALL the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the right quantities, every single day
  • Rapidly free yourself of the increasingly common Low Testosterone Chains – erectile dysfunction, a skinny physique, or a constant state of high stress

These meals plans will show you exactly what to eat for 21 meals in total, with the exact quantities, for an entire seven days a week. They will show you the EXACT PATH towards elite Testosterone, Sexuality, Physicality, and a Stress-Free Lifestyle.

If you already have a good diet, these meals plans will make it exceptional.

Best of all, there is a specialised meal plan for each of the focuses outlined above.

Imagine walking round with elite bedroom performance. The relationships you’d have.

Or living your life with a top shelf physique. The respect you’d have.

Maybe you want to slow things down and be able to sleep at night with zero chronic cortisol. The happiness and peace you’d have.

In these meal plans the meals are NOT complicated or time consuming. They DO include supplement suggestions including brands, but these are not mandatory. The meals are also very tasty – none of them are “bland bodybuilder meals”, not even close.

These meals will show you how to:

  • Get to 800+ Testosterone if you’re willing to stick to the meal plan 90% of the time
  • Eat the right number of calories for your particular goal
  • Get all the correct minerals, nutrients and vitamins in the appropriate dosages for your particular goal
  • Learn how to continue to boost testosterone whilst at work, or travelling, or wherever you are
  • Learn how to make delicious T boosting meals that take ~15 minutes total (this is in the evenings only…no cooking required during the day)

I personally went from 400 testosterone to 950 and made a ridiculous physical transformation in the process.

I went from a chubby, sugar addicted, beer drinking soyboy to what some may call “A Chad”:

I promise you my relationships, lifestyle, energy, focus, stress levels, sexual performance, and happiness levels are all vastly superior now to how they were in the picture on the left.

Diet was the most powerful factor. Training actually came second for my hormones.

I want you to join me and make a similar journey.

No two journeys are the exact same, but you can replicate the type of diet that’s worked for me and hundreds of clients.


You can order your meal plan below – please note that these take a little time to make, so please allow three business days to receive your meal plan: