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The Big Bull Course

“Huh, did I just read that right?”


This Video Course Teaches You How To Get Morning Wood Daily, Grow Your Balls & Last All Night

Do you struggle to last a long time in the bedroom?

Was it months since you last had morning wood on a regular basis? Or YEARS??

Would you like to significantly increase the size of your testes and your loads via LH & FSH optimisation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re going to LOVE this course.

  • Learn how to optimise your libido so you get morning wood every day without fail
  • Learn how to do the above naturally, without Cialis or Viagra (which is for 70+ year old men)
  • Fix premature ejaculation FAST
  • Last 16+ minutes in bed
  • Massively expand the size of your balls (whatever you do, stay away from TRT which immediately shuts off LH & FSH production)
  • Improve aggression/passion/dominance in the bedroom on an instinctual level
  • Improve cardiovascular health in general due to enhanced blood flow

Bedroom performance is more important now than ever.

You need to be the Bull, not the typical average male.

It’s not the 1950s anymore, and you’re competing against higher level men whether you want to admit this or not (95%+ of the women you meet will have already slept with at least one).

This course is extremely comprehensive, and includes:

  • 8 videos on hormonal optimisation, lifestyle optimisation, diet optimisation, supplement optimisation and much more
  • 4 videos on specific sexual performance training (never spoken about before on X, emails, or any of my socials because I would be banned)
  • The Big Bull diet, lifestyle & supplements plan (extremely important)
  • The Big Bull sexual performance plan (jelqing training program combined with various other exercises never spoken about publicly)
  1. The 12 Week Beginner Program (RRP: $27)
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Edging (RRP: $27)
  3. The Passive Pumping Program (RRP: $37)

I’m excited for you.

If you’ve been having difficulties in this regard (most men do), this course is going to change your life.

There’s a lot of content inside that I’m literally not allowed to talk about in public, so you’re getting the best stuff.

“But isn’t stress an important factor too?”

Yes, we address specifically how to squash chronic cortisol and adrenaline levels inside the course. It starts with Testosterone, but there is WAY more to bedroom performance than just Testosterone. Estradiol is also extremely important.

“But isn’t Jelqing dangerous?”

No, not at all when you do it properly. Just like any new exercise as a beginner, you have to ease your way into it gradually, which we show you how to do. The first two weeks should be slow and steady, nothing crazy.

“But this course isn’t super cheap or FREE?!?”

Well did you really expect life-changing information that will transform your relationships with women to be $10? Really? Nobody puts out life changing content for $10. Welcome to the real world.

Bull Testes, lasting as long as you want, fixing premature ejaculation and libido maxxing are what make you ELITE in the bedroom. Is that only worth $10 to you? I doubt it.

If you haven’t fixed your biggest problem within 12 weeks, then I will personally hop on a call with you and fix your problems for you. This is how committed I am to getting you RESULTS.

It’s a good idea to prepare any questions you have in advance of the 30 minute call.

I highly doubt that you’ll need this call by the end of the 12 weeks though, as the course is extremely comprehensive.

Right now the course (RRP: $497) is available for an absolute steal. You can grab the course and ALL the bonuses for a mere $247.

This is over 50% off, which is insanity!

Click “Add To Cart” to gain lifetime access.

I’ll see you inside.