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The DHT Dominator

Pack On Slabs Of Muscle Easily, Grow A Masculine Beard, Improve Sexual Performance: The Natural Way (8 Week Video Course)

Do you find it really tough to gain muscle in the gym?

Have you always struggled with facial hair and a higher pitched voice?

Do you lack a certain masculinity that other men seem to have with ease?

What you need is to ramp up your DHT levels specifically, not just Testosterone.

DHT has been shown to:

  • Improve sexual function (even when testosterone is already high)
  • Make muscle growth substantially easier & faster
  • Enhance fat loss giving you a “dryer physique” with less bloating too
  • Improve gut health
  • Eliminate depression
  • Potentially grow your manhood (assuming you do the right exercises), or at a bare minimum stop if from shrinking with age
  • Boost brain function
  • Make you more anti-fragile throughout life in general

The objective reality is that men instinctively respect other men who are visibly high DHT, and women are instinctively aroused by men who are visibly DHT.

DHT changes the way you look, and the way you behave due to the increased self-confidence and the benefits that bleed into your mental health, bedroom performance and relationships, and focus/productivity and career.

Inside you’re going to get:

  • An 8 Week Video Course that guides you through every step of the way towards doubling your DHT levels, with 13 actionable, ‘how-to’ videos in total
  • An Introduction ‘How To Use DHT To Level Up Your Life’ Video
  • The DHT Dominator Diet Plan (8 weeks)
  • The DHT Dominator Supplement Stack Cycle (8 weeks)…Tongkat Ali is optional, not mandatory
  • The DHT Dominator Training Program
  • The Masculinity Hacks eBook (how to boost your appearance, body language and confidence with DHT)
  • Low DHT Quick Fix Kit (stop suppressing your DHT levels with these quick and easy fixes)

“But doesn’t DHT make you go bald?”

Only if you have the genetics first, then it will accelerate the process. The issue here is that the world is chock-full of extreme Beta Males with premature balding genetics. They’re extremely low Testosterone (and DHT too by default) yet they still go bald by age 30 ish, just like their father and grandfather did. Genetics are the primary factor here, not DHT levels.

“Will this course help me to get jacked?”

Holy c*** yes. If you’re currently training 3-5 days per week and aren’t seeing impressive gains, this course will be an absolute game-changer for you. I wouldn’t have the physique I have right now if it wasn’t for my DHT levels.

If you get your bloodwork done at the end of the 8 weeks and you still haven’t reached your DHT goals (100 ng/dL, for example), then I will personally hop on a call with you and fix your problems for you. This is how committed I am to getting you RESULTS.

It’s a good idea to prepare any questions you have in advance of the 30 minute call.

I highly doubt that you’ll need this call by the end of the 8 weeks though, as the course is extremely comprehensive.

Right now the course (RRP: $497) is available for an absolute steal. You can grab the course and ALL the bonuses for a mere $247.

This is almost 50% off, which is insanity!

Click “Add To Cart” to gain lifetime access.

I’ll see you inside.