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The Ultimate Guide To Blood Flow Maxxing

Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you have general worries about your sexual performance?

Is it ruining your relationship, or even your chances of getting into a happy one?

Well I have news for you – you’re not alone. This problem has a few solutions. But the most powerful ones come down to blood flow, and they’re natural too. No Viagra needed.

This eBook (and the bonuses) are going to show you how to fix ED, massively ramp up blood flow, and raise your testosterone at the same time.

Poor blood flow has the potential to ruin your life.

  • Your S/O won’t be satisfied because you can’t perform
  • Your confidence plummets
  • If you’re single you may start to think it’ll last forever
  • It can make your unit look smaller than it actually is
  • It can cause relationship insecurities that lead to a cascade of other problems

And because of all of the above, your testosterone suffers too.

Whether you’re 25 or 55, blood flow works the same way.

Whether your lack of blood flow is caused by your diet, lack of sleep, stress levels, critically low T, or something else, we’ll get you out of this situation WITHOUT using viagra.

It’s destroying your ability to be a High T Male.

Until you get this fixed, nothing else matters.

Through a combination of Nitric Oxide boosting, sleep optimisation and HIT, we’ll get you there.

What You Get Inside

  • An introduction to the science of Nitric Oxide boosting and just how critical it is to your sexual health
  • Dietary secrets, hacks, fruit bowls & supplements that keep your Nitric Oxide levels high at all times
  • How to incorporate HIIT for maximum blood flow
  • The power of the sun as the most ancient Aphrodisiac since the dawn of time
  • A variety of cortisol-reducing lifestyle hacks to keep stress levels down, as chronic cortisol will absolutely murder your erections
  • An extensive section on Penis Enhancement training for targeted blood flow optimisation

This is a life-changing book fellas, you’re getting everything you could possibly ever need.

On top of this you’ve got some really cool add-ons:

The HIIT Training Program

This lays out the exact training protocol to follow with some important meal timing tips to maximise the use of the Nitric Oxide Boosting foods, and also make the training more intense. Timing and quantity are both key here.

The Complete Sexual Performance Guide (RRP $27)

This goes into great detail on how to edge properly, jelqing, kegels, and getting blood flow specifically into the right areas. This will also improve your EQ and bedroom performance in general on top of blood flow.

The Complete Sexual Performance Meal Plan (RRP $57)

This meal plan completely maps out the ideal foods, meals, quantities and timings for all the foods mentioned in the eBook. Follow this meal plan as well as getting plenty of sun, and you can’t go wrong.

Pre-Order Below

You can pre-order the eBook and the add-ons below.

The official release date is Sunday 20th August. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!

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