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The Ultimate Guide To LH & FSH Maxxing

Achieve Elite Reproductive Health

You’ve not had morning wood in weeks.

You’re worried about your EQ and not lasting long enough.

You’re worried about your reproductive health, sperm quality and ability to start a healthy family.

By getting your Luteinizing Hormone & Follicle Stimulating Hormone into the optimal ranges, you will not just massively increase the size of your balls (no joke), but you’ll also optimise your bedroom performance and reproductive health at the same time. Very few men have this in 2024.

Here’s what you can expect by optimising these two:

  • Bigger balls
  • Optimal sperm quality + quantity
  • The ability to raise a healthy family with minimal risk of complications
  • Higher sex drive
  • Elite erection quality and performance
  • Stronger drive & ambition in general
  • Higher self esteem
  • Daily morning wood
  • Effortlessly high Testosterone levels
  • Tons of sexual energy to “transmutate” and harness into productive, goal-oriented activities (if you’re smart, you’ll use this energy to build wealth or a happy family, or both)

What’s Inside?

This is a thick book, absolutely jam-packed with techniques and strategies that will allow you to optimise these two hormones.

Very few men have these two in the ideal ranges.

Here’s a list of the general sections:

  • Introduction to LH & FSH and how they will change your life
  • The ideal bloodwork you want for these two AND the pre-cursors to these two hormones
  • How to naturally raise both of these hormones
  • How things like HCG can be utilised in the short-term
  • Whether or not Semen Retention is a valid tool alongside this
  • How to take advantage of the Elite Reproductive Health Lifestyle (whether you’re a playboy or a family man)

Get Morning Wood Once Again

Life is simply better when your reproductive system is working optimally.

Take that crucial step by grabbing the eBook but more importantly, applying the action steps inside:

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