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1000 Testosterone Used To Be Normal

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Whenever I talk about the goal level of testosterone being 800-1200, which of course is the ideal range for a man, I get a bunch of objections.

“But what’s a good level for a guy in his forties?”

“But do you actually need that? That seems too difficult!”

Testosterone Decline

The “New Normal”

Unfortunately we live in a world where the vast majority of men are…to put it politely…not the strongest-minded individuals.

And a lot of it has to do with the fact that their testosterone levels are well below the 500 mark in a lot of cases, among other factors.

I want to try to re-frame the way you look at testosterone.

Only 40 years ago (1982), men’s average testosterone levels were over 40% higher than they are right now.

That means several things:

  • In 1982, the average free testosterone for a man in his late 20’s was not 650, but 910
  • In 1982, the average free testosterone for a man in his mid thirties was not 600, but 840
  • In 1982, the average free testosterone for a man in his late forties was not 550, but 770

What’s more, this is FREE testosterone, not TOTAL.

So you can imagine that in 1982, it was very normal for “younger men” to have over 1000 total testosterone if they hit the gym and didn’t eat like crap.

Older men weren’t far off.

This was only 40 years ago too!

So you can only imagine that at a rate of 1% decline per year, that another 40 years prior to this (1940) men’s total testosterone levels were well over 1000 even for Men Over 40. Granted, I don’t believe the rate was a 1% decline during the 1940-1980 period, but regardless men’s total T levels will have been significantly over 1000 during WW1 & 2.

I’m not saying that war is a good idea.

I’m saying that there’s no reason your testosterone levels can’t be at the same (mine are!)

Clearly, the male human body is wired to have far higher testosterone levels than the average male in 2022 has.

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Testosterone Decline

Why This Testosterone Decline Has Occurred

So why are men’s T levels declining?

The biggest reason is that people are fatter than ever, and their diets are worse than ever. Fat cells are quite literally estrogenic once you get beyond 12-15% bf or so, and to add to this people’s diets are chronically elevating their insulin levels which suppress testosterone production.

Then you have psychological factors whereby men are just not real men anymore – tough, resilient, strong, capable, happy being uncomfortable etc.

Most mens life purpose is to seek as much comfort as humanly possible, and this overall mindset destroys testosterone in the real world.

You might not want to hear that, but it’s the truth.

Discomfort tends to build testosterone, comfort tends to reduce it.

What To Do About It

Well the simple answer is to reverse the above.

Meaning, unfatten yourself, optimise your diet, and also your mindset (as the mind leads to everything else – it’s hard to get the external things right if your internal world is messed up).

It also means that sleep and supplements should be addressed too as these are common weak areas in the modern world. A huge percentage of Americans are just not sleeping properly or getting the basic testosterone fundamentals outlined in my flagship eBook, Testosterone Take-Off.

That’s a brief overview for today.

But if you get the Testosterone Take-Off eBook, there’s a ton of great information inside. This is the eBook that has set the foundations for literally thousands of men since 2020 to transform their Testosterone levels, their physiques, careers, and lives.

Use it.

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