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5 Reasons You Need Testogen

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I’ll start by saying that if you are a man that is interested in getting to 800-1200 testosterone, without using TRT and jabbing yourself in the butt for the rest of your life, you are INSANE if you haven’t got Testogen yet.

It’s the only supplement I recommend that everyone gets, simply because it ticks off so many of your testosterone bases (more on this in a minute). It’s also been shown to increase free testosterone as well as total.

And here’s thing thing.

Nobody has a perfect diet all the time (even myself), so supplements become necessary.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

Testogen Review

1. It Has All The Science-Backed Test Boosters

It has all the test-boosting ingredients all rolled into one. What are they, you ask?

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • D Aspartic Acid
  • B6
  • Vitamin D3

There’s a ton of research backing literally all these ingredients, and they’ve all proven to be instrumental in their own right for ramping up testosterone. In some cases like with the zinc & magnesium combination, you’re looking at a potential 50% increase.

Vitamin D3 in the winter is another powerful T-booster as this hormone is essential for the production of testosterone.

Boron is another powerful one when taken at 3-6mg per day. Boron alone could cause your T to increase by 28% within the first week, it’s that strong.

2. It Continues To Work On “Bad Days”

I don’t recommend doing this.

I don’t recommend committing any of the 7 Deadly Testosterone Sins.

But you can technically drink alcohol or eat some questionable foods, and the ingredients in Testogen will continue to work their magic.

Especially the ones like Boron and Vitamin D3 that are either very difficult or impossible to get via your diet alone.

This is especially powerful on the weekends if you’re looking to get to high T without injecting yourself all the time.

3. It’s Extremely Convenient

Again, there’s no needles, doctors appointments, or jabbing yourself in the butt for the rest of your life (like there is with Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

Just a few tablets that you take every day (I would recommend splitting them evenly throughout the day by the way, as this is what I do to absorb the most out of them).


4. It Improves Muscle Mass/Recovery

Assuming you’re training hard, you will get more out of your training sessions (via enhanced recovery).

This one is a little more anecdotal, but quite a few guys have noted that it’s helped them to recover faster from both heavy training and long-term injuries that previously held them back from training, playing basketball, swimming etc.

Really useful side benefit.

Plus the muscle will make things easier long-term when it comes to staying leaner and maintaining a higher level of testosterone.

5. It Boosts Focus

A few guys have also mentioned that despite previously having brain fog (particularly in the afternoons), they noticed that Testogen seemed to eliminate this within two weeks.

My assumption is that it was due to the hormonal increase rather than any one particular ingredient. Either that, or sleep quality/depth improved, as sleep is absolutely critical for focus during the day.

Either way, Testogen is a no-brainer for the man who wants high T and high free T whilst staying natural.

This is an investment into your health, and your future self.

  • Your muscle building potential
  • Your fat loss potential
  • Your sleep quality
  • Your productivity/money making potential

This is the only supplement I truly recommend, because it WORKS.

Click the link below:

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