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ANNOUNCEMENT: Testosterone Cooking On A Budget


One of the biggest problems men are having right now, is that inflation is making food more expensive.

Especially meat, fish and animal protein.

So I’ve made some additions to the Testosterone Cooking Manual that I think you’ll be very excited to hear:

  • There’s over 10 new ‘budget friendly’ meals that all cost less than $4 per meal, some going as low as $2
  • The price of the cooking manual has fallen to accommodate all income earners from students to young professionals to recent divorcees – anyone who’s on a budget for whatever reason
  • Most of these new meals take ~10 mins to prepare
  • There’s a strong focus on bulk buying ground meats, chicken thighs, liver and canned fish (all much cheaper sources of T boosting ingredients)

So now there’s over 30 meals inside this guide, and it’s a lower price too.

One hell of a deal on something that’s going to improve the most important Testosterone fundamental there is.

It’s no good taking all these herbs and supplement stacks if you’re still eating sugar because you’re too lazy to cook.

This manual will change everything for those who want to get to 800-1200 Testosterone without forking out a fortune.

Stay tuned for more info coming very soon.

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