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The Endless Tongkat Ali Benefits (And Best Brands)

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One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve had over the past few months, is “Tongkat Ali sounds brilliant, but I don’t know which brands are safe, effective and to be trusted.”

In this article, I’m going to go over the benefits of Tongkat Ali, and then get to the best brands for you to check out. These have both been verified and are brands that I’ve recommended before in the Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali has to be one of the most potent, and well-researched (human studies especially) herbs known to man.

If you’re not taking it, it’s about time to start doing so.

Here’s why: 

1. The Powerful Effect On Free & Total T

We’re talking 37% within 4 weeks here guys.

Might as well end the thread there.

This stuff is legit (and no I’m not affiliated with any companies at all).

If you want to read the study I’m talking about, link is here

“Significant improvements were found… Tension (−11%), Anger (−12%), and Confusion (−15%). Stress hormone profile… was significantly improved by TA supplementation, with reduced cortisol exposure (−16%) and increased testosterone status (+37%).” 

Here’s another one on clinically hypogonadic males over age 30.

2. Bodybuilding Purposes

On top of all the testosterone craziness, this seems to be the best herb for body composition – muscle gain & fat loss, especially at 400mg daily.

Whether you’re a 22 year old looking to grow your biceps by an extra inch, or a 54 year old looking to get stronger at dumbbell lunges and 20 rep goblet squats for longevity reasons, this herb is going to help you.

3. Reduces SHBG

Which directly increases free T due to reduced binding at the receptors. 

SHBG isn’t always bad, but the vast majority of men have way too much of it, and it’s killing their free testosterone (the amount of usable T for muscle, sex drive, ambition, mood etc.)

Tongkat Ali will help to significantly reduce SHBG levels, especially if you combine this with a bit of fat loss and reduced sugar consumption.

4. Improves Sexual Function

Libido improves, ED tends to decrease, and may well improve fertility as well.

Tongkat Ali goes well as an all-round sexual enhancement stack with things like Fadogia, Maca Root and Saw Palmetto. Again, this stack is outlined completely including the beginner and advanced variations inside the Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Herbs.

It’s an important stack for a lot of men because obviously every man wants to be able to satisfy his girl/wife. Erectile dysfunction, low libido, or poor erection quality are all enough to completely destroy your ability to do this.

5. Anti-Estrogenic

Tongkat Ali also controls estrogen, which leaves more growth potential for testosterone.

Estrogen acts almost like an upper ceiling on the amount of testosterone your body can realistically produce and use, so limiting the estrogen and keeping it in the healthy range is extremely important.

Tongkat Ali Best Brands

Alright, here’s the question I’ve received endlessly whenever I talk about supplements, and I have two answers for you – both are great.

There are definitely fakes and under-dosed supplements out there on the market, so it’s important you get this right before wasting money.

Nootropics Depot

This company is legit. The quality is 100% on point, delivery was efficient, and their customer service was excellent. A lot of guys on Twitter are saying the same thing – Nootropics Depot has never let them down.

You can check out their two Tongkat Ali products below (obviously I recommend taking the more potent variation) – simply click the image:

A lot of guys are reporting increased libido, and increased desire to go and train. Being more excited about “difficult tasks”, which is half of the battle with becoming a High Testosterone Man.

Double Wood

Double Wood is another great company where I’ve only heard great things about them. Again, several big names in the Testosterone space, alongside plenty of my email subscribers have been recommending this company (click the text to check out Double Wood’s supplement):

Tongkat Ali Extract
Tongkat Ali Benefits

I personally haven’t used them, but the fact that guys that I respect are vouching for them is enough for me.

Some guys are reporting major cortisol reducing effects, some say ashwagandha is easily king in that department. There does seem to be a degree of subjectivity. But I do recommend trying this out for yourself – starting out at the lowest dose and potentially incrementally increasing it from there.

Let me know if you have any questions at thetestosteroneconsultant@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to help!

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