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Major Consulting Updates: You Don’t Need TRT!


Not long ago, I wrote a tweet here revealing the objective reality about men who go on TRT without fixing the underlying issues NATURALLY first:

TRT might immediately take you to 1000 Testosterone.

But it will VERY probably just lead to heart or prostate problems further down the line.

Fix your diet first.

And you don’t have to worry about any of this.

I’ve seen this enough times now to know this to be true. There’s too many men hopping on TRT as a quick fix so that they can “feel good” again, when they’re still addicted to sugar, they’re still fat, and they haven’t EVER stuck to a training program for > 3 months in their entire lives.

This is a recipe for LDL cholesterol and triglyceride build up, and yes, this matters when you’re on TRT. Paul Saladino and all the carnivore guys are talking about naturals with zero inflammation when they say cholesterol is irrelevant – it’s not the same ballgame on TRT.

Get the fundamentals fixed first, and you save money, time, and your own damn life!

I was then hit with the following:

Tried for a year naturally with change of diet and rigorous exercise. T actually went down even lower. Now on TRT and feel much better.

So this guy supposedly:

  1. Improved his diet
  2. Improved his training
  3. Improved his supplement routine
  4. Improved his lifestyle (nofap, sunlight, nature, stress, sex)
  5. Improved his sleep

And his testosterone went DOWN??

If you can’t smell the irrationality and bullshit at this point, you probably never will. Unless he’s got an IQ of 50 or something, improving the above five factors will always increase your testosterone naturally. Every single one of my Gold consulting clients at this point has doubled their testosterone or more.

The Consulting Updates

Now, onto the great news.

I’ve made some pretty hefty changes to the consulting packages, and I think you’re going to love what I have to offer.

Update #1) The Bronze Consulting Package is very affordable, meaning you can still gain access to me via monthly calls, even if you’re younger and/or lower income, yet still really want to boost your testosterone. I’ve spoken to a lot of you guys in the DMs and you’re making all kinds of mistakes that will stop you from getting to high T. Too many liquid calories, not enough fish, not enough greens etc.

Update #2) The Silver Consulting Package now includes scheduled tips & hacks every three days to inspire you and motivate you. These range from breakdowns of Shilajit, to the ED-busting stack, to the ideal lower body training routine, to the power of black coffee for anti-estrogen goals etc.

It also includes written and voice recorded analysis of any bloodwork results you’ve done or had in the past, so you know exactly what to do going forward.

Update #3) The Gold Consulting Package includes literally everything including unlimited WhatsApp access to me, but now a few further additions (the value you get is unreal). ALL Testosterone Consulting products instantly become free. ALL Testosterone Academy courses and products also instantly become free (there’s a lot more courses coming in the near future). This alone is worth >$200 right now.

You also gain instant access to the Testosterone Elite Telegram Group – a small private group where all current and past clients get together to talk about what they’re doing on their testosterone journeys. It’s very useful to have guys in the same boat as you discussing these topics – you always learn something new.

You also get a Lifetime Planning Call with me at the end of the process, so that you never need any consulting ever again. The biggest long-term threat is that you either get complacent, or lose testosterone with age – I will help you to create a long-term plan to avoid these problems.

Update #4) The pricing is now based on a monthly fee, rather than one up front payment. I was originally taking business advice from someone who was keen on the upfront fee, but I realise most people in the real world prefer the monthly option as you get paid by your job (or clients if you’re self-employed) monthly. It makes it more manageable.

All of this is set up so that YOU can get to 800-1200 testosterone in the least amount of time possible, WITHOUT having to inject yourself in the ass for the rest of your life.

Tim did this within a couple of months. You can too.

I’ve only got TWO slots left in the Gold Consulting Package, make sure you grab one of them:

Get To 800-1200 Testosterone Without TRT

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