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Tim’s Testosterone Transformation (280 To 600+)

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Tim worked with me as a consulting client a little while back for two months, and we continue to stay in touch every now and then on WhatsApp.

He’s one of the major success stories because of the sheer difficulty he was going through at the beginning of his journey – it’s truly amazing to see what you can achieve within an eight week period.

Yep, he more than DOUBLED his testosterone in eight weeks.

Tim’s Story

I remember the first time I spoke to Tim on WhatsApp. He was on a lunch break at work whilst I was at home (five hour time difference as he’s in Florida, I was in the UK).

He sounded….frantic. A little all over the place.

I remember him talking about how his wife was divorcing him and he could potentially lose a decent amount from his business, and to top if off she flew out to another state to meet some dude. Not a nice thing for any husband to experience.

I remember him talking about how his energy was rock bottom, and he was just completely fried by 11am every day.

Nothing was working.

It wasn’t a sustainable way to live.

It’s impossible to get rich if you just want to go back to bed by 11am.

His testosterone being 280 was causing the bottleneck with everything else, and he knew he needed to get it up to at least an acceptable level if he was to get through the divorce, find some new attractive women, and continue to be productive with his business and trading.

So he came to me, and we got working on his Testosterone Plan Of Attack.

The Plan Of Attack

As you probably know by now I’m not a fan of TRT, especially for 37 year olds. With 67 year olds it’s a little different, but at 37 it’s 100% categorically a lifestyle-induced issue, which has a lifestyle-induced solution.

So we got him on:

  • Very intense leg training
  • A high T diet with consistently high levels of brazil nuts and eggs
  • Fixing his supplement stack
  • Optimising his schedule so he had slightly less screen time, slightly more outdoors time
  • Better sleep as a result of all of the above

And as you can see, his testosterone went from 280 to 600 within eight weeks.

He stuck to the plan 90% of the time, and therefore he succeeded.

Now he’s in a far happier situation with his relationships, and his business is taking off:

(Why not celebrate and show off a little?)

But it’s not just the financial success and relationship success.

He simply FEELS better.

More masculine, more energy, a better mood. Testosterone is probably the strongest anti-depressant, especially when combined with things like sunlight, omega 3, and killer workouts.

What’s more is that I keep quoting the 600+ figure, but it’s probably a lot more than that now. He hasn’t had it tested in a couple of months, and I suspect he’ll be over 700 by now.

Testosterone truly is a game of momentum – once you’re moving upwards it’s going to take a powerful force to stop you.

But getting started when you’re in a rut is the hardest part.

When you’re at 250 because of difficult life circumstances it’s REALLY hard to get moving. This is where consulting comes into play. The plans are made for you, you feel a certain amount of extrinsic motivation (which is all you need in the first few weeks), and things start moving a lot faster.

And none of it requires TRT and jabbing yourself in the ass for the rest of your life.

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