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Get Shredded

Intermittent Fasting


There are a lot of guys out there who are sick of being overweight, and want to change that right now. The problem is, there is so much information out there now that guys are drowning in the sea of conflicting information, and it’s difficult to know what to do.


Even more serious than this, many Men Over 40 are currently risking their health at their current bodyweight. If they don’t change now, they are risking not being around much longer. Their wives, kids, family, friends won’t be able to enjoy their presence for as long as they should. This needs fixing.


If you want to be able to spend time with your family without:


  • Getting tired
  • Feeling stressed, exhausted & weak
  • Being incapable of leading and setting the example


Then you need to sort your weight out, not just temporarily, but permanently. Even younger guys who don’t have a family to lead, you will need to clean up your diet, cut out the sugar, and back off on the alcohol.


Everyone can benefit from what I have to share with you.


Diets DO NOT Work!


The number one problem with 95%+ of diets and fat loss plans, is that they simply do not work forever. They just don’t. The world is full of men who lose weight for a while, and then regain it all back later on. Looking good for a wedding picture, or on the beach for a few days, but then looking like crap for the rest of the year, is not a success in my book.


Some prime examples of diets that not only end in the above outcome, but actively encourage this to happen, are diets such as; Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Ducan etc. I know this upsets a lot of guys, but these are not diets conducive to long-term fitness success. They are not conducive to having a fitness lifestyle – take it from someone who’s been doing this for almost eight years.


The above diets have FAR too many restrictions on your food choices and macronutrient flexibility. If you choose to embark on the path of excessive restriction, you will not be able to:


  • Have a good social life at all
  • Have a good relationship life in the long-run
  • Travel to foreign lands where food options are radically different
  • Enjoy meals out to the vast majority of restaurants
  • Have nights out and/or house parties
  • Experience great tasting food
  • Feel free to enjoy yourself and/or reward yourself after working hard


Instead, you must create a fitness lifestyle that allows you to do all of the above. You may not want a social life right now, but you will at some point in the future. You may not want a girlfriend/wife now, and you may not want to share meals together. But you will in the future. You may not want to travel now. But you will in the future. Etc.


When guys follow the above diets, they run into very predictable problems with other areas of their lives which collide with their insane eating restrictions. They don’t know what to do, as these diets promised eternal success, yet for some reason, they’re finding it difficult to stick to the diet. They inevitably lose focus, get distracted by other life areas, and the diet always loses in the end. 


These are problems that I never have to encounter AT ALL. I know that I can still have dieting success despite having a decent social life, a lot of fun, and a lot of travel. Restrictive diets DO NOT WORK in the long-run.


This is because I follow a system, rather than a diet. A system works in the long-term, a diet fails. With a diet, you regain all that fat back again. Every. Single. Time. Keto is not a system. You cannot do anything bulleted above whilst on Keto.


Enter my Intermittent Fasting system…


How To Get Shredded & Stay Shredded – Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent Fasting does not impose any restrictions whatsoever on your food choices or your macronutrient set up. I give suggestions, but it’s ultimately up to you to customise these. No food will make you fat in moderation. The poison, like all things, is in the dose. No macronutrient will make you fat. Rather, total calories are always the determining factor as to whether or not you will lose weight. As long as you hit these total calories, you’re good to go.


The question is, “how do we make sure we hit our total calories consistently, in the long-term, in a way that allows us to have a sustainable fitness lifestyle?”


Intermittent Fasting simply condenses your eating time frame from the standard 12 hours (or so) to about 6-8 hours. This makes you feel fuller when you do eat. This makes you want to eat less food, and hence, you lose fat. Now, it’s not quite as simple as that, and there are many other tweaks and additions you need to perform. Briefly glancing over them, they include:


  • Easing your way into the system – DO NOT jump straight in.
  • Consuming caffeine in the mornings.
  • Having sweet tasting fruit as snacks.
  • Having small evening snacks.
  • Ensuring all macronutrient minimums are met.


Another very important thing that Intermittent Fasting does is that it shifts more of your daily caloric budget into the evenings, which is when people ususally have lower willpower, more distractions and social events, and tend to screw up their diets. Intermittent Fasting gives you a caloric buffer, if you like, which turns into a life-saver in the long-term. This is why it becomes a true fitness lifestyle, rather than trying to eliminate any social life etc. because you’re on a diet.


You’re making the dieting system work with you, rather than against you.


If you’re sick and tired of yo-yo-dieting, and you want some consistent, long-term fat loss results, I’m the guy you need. I talk about how I completely transformed the way I approached food, reached a lower body fat than every before, and most importantly, I lowered my body fat set point permanently. That’s when I realised I had created a true dieting system.


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  • Maintain my strength whilst cutting
  • Improve my sleep whilst in a calorie deficit
  • Raise my testosterone levels through increased sleep quality & recovery from training with ‘clean’ carbs
  • STAY LEAN without rebounding
  • Develop an eating system that seamlessly integrated with the rest of my life


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