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4 Bad Things That Happen Without A High T Diet


Testosterone is extremely important in a mans life, and it becomes increasingly endangered once a man crosses age 40 or so.

You don’t want it to be around 300-400 because life simply sucks at that level, 800-1200 is the ideal range where your energy is unlimited and you feel strong.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Diet is the #1 way to get into this ideal range of testosterone, and it’s the area that everyone messes up. Diet is king.

If you don’t follow a high T diet, bad things happen, especially over time.

Here’s four examples of what you’ll want to avoid:

Low Testosterone

1. Man Boobs (Gyno)

Oh boy, this one’s a problem.

Gynecomastia is an estrogen problem, which comes from a combination of too much body fat, and a poor diet. A diet that lacks cruciferous veggies, has too much beer, too much sugar etc. tends to lead to gyno over time.

In particular it’s the estrogen: testosterone balance that creates the puffiness and swelling around the nipples.

It looks terrible. It makes a muscular, masculine male physique turn into something…..very different. You are your hormones.

Diet fixes all of this.

2. Lethargy

A lot of you guys are successful and work long hours, but are struggling to maintain this as you get older.

This is an energy problem.

If you wake up and feel tired, there could well be a hormonal problem that diet can fix. If you get home in the evening and you’re absolutely exhausted, you may want to look at your diet.

You NEED this energy if you want to make money, grow an empire and provide for your family. Having the energy levels of an excited 18 year old could be an absolute game-changer.

3. Muscle Loss

With low testosterone & lower energy, comes lower training intensity and worsened recovery.

You will lose muscle. Catabolism is inevitable. Combine this with #1 and BAM you’ve got the stereotypical ‘Dad Bod’. Not good.

If your testosterone levels are in the gutter (sub 350) you can do all the training in the world, but you’re wasting your time if you cannot recover from it.

Whereas when you’ve got 800+ testosterone, every single training session counts and leads to an improved physique, especially if you train hard and intelligently, and you eat a high T diet that supports muscle growth.

Boost testosterone

4. A Decrease In Sexual Performance

There’s nothing more damaging to a man’s confidence, than suffering from erectile dysfunction, or low sex drive.

Usually this is something that predominantly affects Men Over 40, but surprisingly more and more younger men are experiencing problems in this area now too.

This all stems from poor blood flow which is from a combination of too much body fat, too many partially-blocked arteries and not even cardiovascular work.

Diet fixes the first two, being more active fixes the third. You DO NOT need drugs, and in fact, these may cause more damage in the long-term. Especially if you’re under 60 – you can fix all of this through diet & exercise.


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