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The 7 Deadly Testosterone Sins


Most men are relatively low testosterone, but they don’t necessarily know why. They know they’re supposed to eat eggs and oysters and all that good stuff, but often there’s a few key areas that are holding them back and keeping them away from the higher levels (800-1200).

Why is this important?

Well once you’re in the higher levels of testosterone, it’s almost like living a completely new life. A life where unlimited energy, improved confidence and (positive) risk taking become the new norm.

Muscle mass comes easier, fat loss comes easier, quality sleep also tends to come as a result of ideal testosterone levels.

Let’s get into the 7 key areas where most men mess up with their testosterone levels:

1. Having >15% Body Fat

Notice I chose to use the verb “to have” rather than “to be”. If you’re overweight you’re not overweight as a state of being, you simply have too much fat right now. You’ve accumulated too much.

But it’s a TEMPORARY condition.

And it’s a condition that can be undone, and once it is undone, you unlock the path to higher levels of testosterone because now you don’t have a huge % of your fat cells secreting estrogen.

How do you lose the body fat?

Obviously you need to be in a calorie deficit. But most people go about this the wrong way and “count calories” without approaching this strategically. The strategic approach is to eat foods that are micronutrient dense (vitamin D, zinc and magnesium especially) whilst being calorically sparse.

This enables you to have a really strong chance of getting below 15% body fat and maintaining it.

Now this doesn’t mean that 6% body fat is healthy either – I’m not saying that. I always hear this objection, but the reality is that virtually nobody really needs to worry about this unless you’re going to compete on stage.

8-15% body fat is the sweet spot for natural testosterone production.

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2. Not Eating Enough Cruciferous Vegetables


The Carnivores are probably trying to headbutt the screen right now.

But I’m right.

Cruciferous vegetables are not only micronutrient dense and calorie sparse, but they are quite literally anti-estrogenic and block the production of estrogen. They’re not powerful enough to save you if you’re 45% body fat, I’m not saying that.

But once you start bringing the fat down you’ll notice more of a difference from eating multiple servings of cruciferous vegetables every single day. Whether that’s broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts or kale doesn’t matter.

Get them into your diet and you WILL benefit from a testosterone standpoint.

Plus, they help you to get towards 8-15% body fat due to all the fiber etc. so it’s a two pronged lift on your testosterone levels for most people.

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3. Not Eating Enough Seafood

Seafood is absolutely critical for boosting your testosterone levels. Lots of people like to talk about steak & red meat, and this is absolutely good advice.

But better advice is to make sure you’re getting plenty of essential fats from fatty fish, and the outrageously anabolic oysters. The vitamin D, zinc and micros are out of this world.

The testosterone boosting meal plans I offer combine #3 with #2 & #1, and the results are outstanding.

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4. Missing Out On The Best Supplements

This is another example of something that won’t help you if you’re 45% body fat.

But supplements can be very powerful once you start getting leaner, and also “filling the gaps” when it comes to bad days with your diet (everyone has them, and most people’s entire weekends are bad).

Most people will benefit from Testogen if they want to get to 800-1200 testosterone because it speeds things up.

If you have a bad weekend or a couple of bad night’s sleep, as least you know you’re definitely getting enough zinc, magnesium, B6, vitamin D3, and boron EVERYDAY regardless.

Other supplements like Ashwagandha can be useful if you produce too much cortisol or if you have adrenal fatigue (a lot of Men Over 40 do).

And then Tongkat Ali is possible the most potent Testosterone booster of all, with 37% changes noted (in studies) within a four week period which is absolutely insane. But yes, you may need to cycle it if your liver values on your bloodwork become elevated after 8-12 weeks.

Speaking of which…

5. Not Getting Bloodwork Done

Getting bloodwork done isn’t just important for knowing where you stand and how far off your goals you are. But it’s really important (especially when you’re over 40) to be able to “fill the gaps” when it comes to your health.

Burying your head in the sand is not the answer. That’s an emotional response that doesn’t solve the problem.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your estrogen was too high?

Or if you had a pituitary tumour that was secreting dangerous quantities of growth hormone?

Or one of your testicles wasn’t working properly and was at risk of cancer?

A blood test reveals all this and allows you to create your own tailored health plan (with the help of a professional of course) which is an impossible task if you’re just shooting in the dark.

6. Allowing Stress To Control Your Life

A lot of Men Over 40 have problems in this area.

Adrenal fatigue, excess cortisol and poor sleep quality all go hand in hand. Whether it’s caused by a 60 hour work week, too much caffeine, three kids, or not enough exercise (or a combination of all of them), doesn’t matter.

They will wreak havoc on your testosterone levels.

Stress management is one of the most important skills in the modern era.

Meditation apps can be very helpful, reading quality books are VERY useful, and anything that helps you to calm down in the evening before sleep. I do offer a comprehensive stress management plan here if you’re interested.

7. Not Getting Enough Sunlight

There is no better way to get vitamin D which of course plays a critical role in the production of testosterone.

There are some excellent vitamin D sprays, but nothing beats real time spent outdoors with sun on your face as there’s also a real stress reduction component to it that sprays won’t give you, plus it’s an integral part of having a healthy circadian rhythm.

Accelerate Your Testosterone

I coach men like yourself on how to get to 800-1200 total testosterone naturally, without TRT. You could do this within a few months with my help.

Without my help you MAY eventually get there but there’ll be a ton of mistakes and it’ll take years most likely.

Check out the consulting packages here and I’d be glad to talk more to you and answer any questions.

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